Willem B. Drees

Foto: Maurice van den Bosch

Willem B. Drees is decaan van de Tilburg School of Humanities, auteur over geloof, wetenschap en samenleving, en de redacteur van Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science. Nieuws en artikelen over de humanities en geloof en wetenschap in de hedendaagse samenleving worden hier aangeboden.


Willem B. Drees is dean of the Tilburg School of Humanities, author on philosophy, religion, science and society, and the editor of Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science. News, essays and more on the humanities, including his Tilburg inaugural address Naked Ape or techno sapiens? The Relevance of Human Humanities, religion in today’s world with technology, science and pluralism, and on Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science.


Humanities seek to understand human self-understanding. The Humanities study human self-expression in language, art and literature, in religions and philosophy, in past and present. In my inaugural address at Tilburg University, on January 30 2015, I, Willem B. Drees, will articulate my understanding of humans and of the relevance of the humanities. The title is Naked Ape or Techno Sapiens: The Relevance of Human Humanities.”


Religion and Science

‘Religion and science’ is about values, worldviews, and the existential concern for meaning, and thus about human life. Among areas of interest are:


  • religious traditions, and the way they change in relation to new knowledge
  • the universe, ultimate questions about existence
  • our world and ourselves in the light of science
  • our actions, as we reshape the world in culture, technology and ecology.


Wetenschap en samenleving

Met zijn unieke mix van kennis van wetenschap, godsdienst en samenleving heeft Willem B. Drees diverse essays geschreven. Op de pagina Mens, Wetenschap en samenleving vind u onder andere een presentatie van enkele essays, en een overzichtslijst van alle publicaties.