Cover of the Polish translation of Creation: From Nothing until Now

Creation: From Nothing until Now, now in Polish

Creation: From Nothing until Now by Willem B. Drees has been translated into Polish. It has appeared as Stworzenie: Od nicości do teraźści with Copernicus Press in Kraków, Poland; see Translater is Krzystof Skonieczny.
This is a book fov a general public, starting with a poetic creation narrative. This is developed in ten brief chaapters, from the time when time was not yet, and the mystery that is persistent even when scientific cosmology is successful, via cosmic andd biological evolution, to the emergence of humans, the rise of critical thinking, and our current responsibility. I first wrote the poem and the book in Dutch. It was translated into German, before I wrote the English edition which appeared with Routledge in 2002.
The Polish friends from the Copernicus Center also intend to publish in 2016 a translation of my less poetic, more analytical book Religion and Science in Context: A Guide to the Debates (Routledge, 2010).